Mar 032010

Normally I don’t use my blog for self-promotional purposes, but since this post fits the theme “Against the grain,” I figured it was acceptable on a one-time basis.

In my opinion, video resumes are the future of job search, and marketers need to pave the way. Not that a video resume will completely replace the need for more comprehensive materials (e.g. website, traditional CV), but unlike the others, video brings your skills and accomplishments to life. And if you are a digital marketing professional, you can also demonstrate your inbound marketing savvyness by how well you market the resume through content publishing and social media outreach.

Two-page text resumes all look and sound the same after a while, and I can’t imagine the boredom and apathy recruiters must experience in evaluating credentials in that fashion.

Aside from showing off your experience, video is a medium for expression and storytelling, one that can engage, entertain, show personality, and capture your personal brand essence, all within 3 minutes.

Enjoy my video, forward to others as you see fit, and please share your perspective below.

Aug 202009

In my last post, I blogged about how a relatively unknown brand, Forzieri, integrated innovative product marketing tactics into its e-commerce solution. Staying on this same theme, I recently had a surprisingly positive experience on It’s been many months since I visited the site, so it’s quite possible JCrew has been doing this for a while.

I was looking for a pair of men’s shorts and clicked on a specific item on the initial results page to get the product details. Most websites selling apparel include a basic description and a size chart, but JCrew added a real personal touch. Beneath the button to add the item to my shopping bag, was the caption “Not sure about size? Need help putting it all together? Email Erica, our personal shopping expert, at”jcrew1

As I suspected, it turns out “Erica” is not a single person but rather an alias for a staff of personal shoppers who field questions and answer via email (as opposed to by phone in a call center). I was a bit disheartened, because I really would have liked to see JCrew pull that off. Nevertheless, when I am in the mindset of shopping online, I prefer to interact and transact electronically end-to-end versus interrupting the flow by making a phone call. As I argue in my previous post, I believe that’s where Zappos gets it wrong.

Granted there was latency while I awaited a response from “Erica,” whereas a call center rep might have answered my questions in real-time. But whether perception or reality, JCrew had me convinced “Erica” would be better equipped to answer my question. Hence, it would be worthwhile awaiting her response, which arrived about 5 hours later and included her direct contact details, both phone and email.jcrew2

My guess is this feature isn’t widely used (it’s a bit buried on the page), because I don’t get how it would scale, especially since there is no form, or at the very least, instructions on what information to include in your email. That said, I am convinced a meaningful segment of online consumers will see this as a refreshing alternative to picking up the phone and speaking to an agent, whose performance is largely being measured on standard call center metrics (i.e. production, efficiency and sales).