Jan 282009

In challenging economic times, it is even more important to infuse creativity in your marketing campaigns, especially for high-priced discretionary items. You need to compel people to buy your product today given all the risk and uncertainty out there.

Where do you begin? Well, as always you need to address head on the primary pain points of your target customer. In a recession, these pain points likely will have shifted in priority. Here are two of the more innovative campaigns I have found so far.

Hotels Trade Stays for Stocks – Elite Island Resort customers can purchase a stay with a choice of 100 S&P stocks, their share values rolled back to pre-collapse, July 1. What could be better? No loss on your investment, and no need to spend cash.

Hyundai’s Economic Stimulus Package – Amidst one of the softest markets for new cars in recent history, Hyundai allows people to buy a vehicle, then return it if they lose their income in 2009. Right on. 90+% of the population is still employed, but we’re all in fear of losing our jobs, which is making matters worse.