Jan 282009

I admit I’m no English grammar expert, so perhaps I’m speaking out of turn here. But I believe if you’re going to put a marketing message in front of millions of viewers, you should go through an intensive enough review process to make sure you get it right. So, yes I’m a stickler for grammar, and I can’t help that when used incorrectly in an overt fashion, it negatively impacts my impression of the offender. In my view, large corporations should be embarrassed when they repeatedly make highly visible mistakes, especially with seasoned copywriters and editors on staff.

Have you watched a movie on TBS or TNT lately? In the lower left corner of the screen in large letters, the phrase “More Movie, Less Commercials” is periodically displayed throughout every movie. I cringe every time I see it. “More Movie, Fewer Commercials” is the correct phrase.

I’m sure Turner’s writers refer to a trusty style guide when drafting copy, but perhaps a 7th grade English grammar book should be on the desk as well.